Scared of getting a haircut? 10 Tips to Overcome Hairdresser Anxiety


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What is hairdresser anxiety and how to overcome it

What is hairdresser anxiety?

If the thought of visiting a hairdresser or going to a hair salon in Hinckley leaves you sweating, quaking and shaking in your boots, we totally understand. It’s hard to feel beautiful when you don’t see yourself that way.

And hair is much more than hair – it’s an integral part of your sense of self-worth, so we’ve made sure every member of staff at LUXE Hair. Beauty. Bridal salon in Hinckley has been hand-picked and carefully trained to make your hair styling experience enjoyable and safe.

What causes hairdresser anxiety?

Maybe you’re an introvert and hate the thought of small talk, so much so that you put off anything that involves talking to strangers. Or it could be that you’re self-conscious about the way you look.

For some people, the sheer amount of movement and noise when going to the hair salon can be overwhelming. People moving around, hairdryers being switched on; all this action can make you very nervous.

Some people handle it better than others but many walk into the salon feeling as though they might just have a panic attack or hyperventilate at any moment! The fear and anxiety start building up.

What triggers your fear of hairdressers?

Fear of interaction with staff members – small talk

It’s hard to hold a conversation with someone you don’t know or have only just met. It can be even harder to talk when your hairstylist is cutting your hair and they’re asking questions or making small talk.

Not wanting to look in the mirror

Feeling self-conscious because of my hair and not liking how I look in the mirror and not wanting others to see – hair looks terrible, hair is fluffy, hair sticks out in weird places.

Being touched by anyone

Being touched by anyone (especially strangers) is scary and the idea of someone cutting chunks of your hair off can feel intimidating.

Fear of having a panic attack in the salon

Fear of having a panic attack during your haircut and not being able to escape the situation.

A new haircut attracts unwanted attention

The aftermath of getting a haircut or changing hairstyle can be unwanted attention from well-meaning people passing compliments on your new look.

10 Tips To Help You Overcome Hairdresser Anxiety

If you’ve been putting off getting a haircut or beauty treatment for a long time, consider going to your hair and beauty salon at a quieter time when there should be fewer customers around and fewer people to deal with, giving you more privacy. Speak to your salon to find out when they’re less busy.

If you’re not a big talker, try to think about what the hairstylist could be talking about rather than having a conversation. They may talk about TV shows or music – things like this are less personal so it shouldn’t be an intense conversation that leaves you feeling uncomfortable.

Throw some headphones in your bag and listen to an audiobook when getting hair treatments. With your eyes closed and listening to someone else’s voice, you’re less likely to feel self-conscious. And if there’s any hair styling happening, you might not even notice!

We know reading an article isn’t going to help you instantly overcome your anxieties, but taking the time to work on them and using these tips can be a good starting point.

  1. Remember that your hairstylist is not judging you
  2. Tell the hairstylist if something doesn’t feel good or doesn’t look right
  3. Be honest about your hair goals and budget
  4. Ask for a clear estimate of how much time the haircut will take so you have an idea of when to schedule it in advance (unless you want a last-minute ‘quick trim’)
  5. Bring someone with you for support if needed (but make sure they’re aware of the extra work this could cause)
  6. Come up with self-care activities to distract you during appointments so you don’t focus on anxious feelings once they’ve begun
  7. Speak to your hairstylist about any hair issues you may not feel comfortable discussing with friends
  8. Be realistic – not every hair professional is a miracle worker or will always be able to give you what you want
  9. Consider changing hair professionals if someone’s denying the request for a haircut, or causing unnecessary distress during appointments (just because they’re friends doesn’t mean they won’t give you bad hair)
  10. When you are at home, try not to worry too much about how your hair looks. You should be focusing on looking good from within because that will reflect well on the outside. Good luck!

It doesn’t matter whether you have long hair, short hair or no hair – whatever the occasion may be, just bring along a picture (or several) for inspiration and your hairstylist at LUXE Hair. Beauty. Bridal salon in Hinckley will work with you to create a look that perfectly suits you and your big day.

Contact us today for the special hair services required for your hair or beauty needs! From wedding hair to casual hairdos, we are here to help! Contact Us

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