How To Choose The Right Hair Colour


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Choose the right hair colour - hair salon colouring with L'Oreal Professional hair products

Choosing the right hair colour can be a difficult decision.

It’s hard to imagine the amount of pressure that comes with choosing the right hair colour. It can be daunting deciding which hair colour will suit your skin tone, personality and lifestyle best. You want to give yourself a style makeover without having to spend hours at the salon – so how do you find your perfect match? We have all the tips and advice you need below!

Hair Colour Tips: How to find your shade match

First off, it is important for you to know what colours look good on you. The easiest way is by taking some pictures in different lighting conditions (inside, outside during day/night). Take a few selfies, go through them and see which one looks most like your natural shade. If none of them seems similar enough then ask someone you trust to help.

Look at the pictures and notice which colours are most complementary to your skin tone. Hair colours that look good on you will usually enhance your natural tones – not cover them up!

If you want a more dramatic change, then try going for a colour two or three shades darker than your current hair colour. The contrast can be striking but this is best if it’s just an accent colour as opposed to something too drastic such as black.

Hair Colours for Skin Tone

Darker skin tones go well with brown, deep auburn and red hair colours.

Lighter complexions often look best in light to medium blondes or golden brunettes.

Red hair also suits people with lighter skin tones.

Hair Colours for Eye Colour

Green eyes go well with darker hair colours such as burgundy, brown or chocolate.

Bright blue eyes suit brighter shades like platinum blonde or lighter brunettes while hazel.

The best hair colouring for brown eyes is usually strawberry blonde, light browns or golden-brown hair.

Green-brown coloured eyes are complemented by golden auburn. Hazel is also good for light to medium skin tones too as it gives a glossy, healthy tone.

If you are blonde with dark hair and blue eyes then your eye colour will only really work with browns and golds to enhance the natural tones of your skin.

Hair Colours for Hair Type

Thin or fine hair often looks best in lighter shades such as strawberry blondes, golden brown s or ash browns.

Wavy hair can be coloured in any shade depending on your preference, but auburn is perfect for those with dark skin tones and green eyes as it gives an instant lift to the face and adds extra volume.

Curly hair gives you a number of options when it comes to colouring. The most popular are red tones, as these offer warmth and give the locks more body.

Straight hair works well with a lighter shade as this will keep the hair from looking flat and lifeless. This can be in shades of blonde or light brown that are close to your natural colouring.

Thick hair suits a rich brown hair colouring. The darker the shade of your natural colouring, the more intense it will be when coloured. This may not always be desirable and those who want a subtler look should opt for lighter shades such as honey blonde or brunette.

Afro hair colouring should be done with caution as, when coloured in the wrong shade or tone, it can make hair look dry and brittle.

The perfect colour for afro locks is a dark chocolate brown that will give your hair bounce and an extra volume boost. Red tones are also good if you want to retain warmth but need something different from blonde shades.

Those with short hair wanting a colour change should opt for a dark hair colour to add depth and dimension to their locks without making them appear too long or drawn out.

Blonde also works well with short hairstyles as the natural undertones of your hair can still provide that subtle hint of silver, gold or platinum tones in just the right light.

First-time hair colour: from temporary to permanent, what are your options?

Temporary hair colour

For those of you considering hair colour for the first time, a temporary dye can be a convenient introduction to colours. Temporary hair colour washes right out, making it perfect for trying a new shade. However, you can only change your hair colour temporarily with a darker shade – for a lighter shade you will need to use semi-permanent or permanent dye.


Semi-permanent hair colour offers the advantage of a longer-lasting but temporary colour, making it perfect for first-time dyes. It’s great for those who want subtle, natural-looking colour or covering a first grey hair. L’Oréal Professionnel’s Dia semi-permanent hair colour conditions the hair and is ideal for clients looking for a more long-lasting, but natural look.


Permanent hair dye works by lifting the cuticles along the hair shaft and depositing colour onto the core of the fibre itself, meaning the colour lasts for a long time, but it’s important to use the right haircare to avoid brassiness, dry hair, split ends and flyaways – especially if you’ve lightened your hair.

L’Oreal Professional’s Botanea is an organic hair colour product made from Henna, Indigo and Cassiacolour and is a great option for anyone colouring their hair for the first time. Botanea uses colour to highlight your natural base hair rather than cover it up.

What is hair gloss treatment?

Hair glossing can be used to alter your hair’s colour or add radiance. Even if you don’t have a lot of colour in your hair, glossing will protect and improve the health of your hair by preventing chipped ends as well as adding a healthy shine.

A hair gloss, like shampoo, doesn’t permanently stain the hair. It is an easy way to get your colour right and make it last. We love hair gloss because it comes in a variety of colours – not just colour to cover greys, but also offers protection from the natural wear and tear that can damage your hair.

When is the best time to get hair gloss treatment?

4-6 weeks after your regular colour treatment, experts recommend going to the salon for a hair gloss treatment. A hair gloss appointment typically lasts 6-8 weeks and will start again just in time for your next visit! Depending on the porosity of your hair, you may need to schedule colour glosses more frequently.

How to care for coloured hair

Coloured hair for the first time? Keep your dye looking gorgeous with these best practices for caring for coloured hair from L’Oreal Professional:

Whether you have lightened your hair or gone for a darker, richer shade of brunette, a classic concern post-colouring is the development of unwanted brassy or reddish undertones.

If you have blonde or light hair, try using a silver shampoo or purple shampoo to help retain the perfect colour. If your hair is a darker shade, the Vitamino Colour haircare range by Serie Expert can reduce colour fade and enhance shine.

Thanks so much for reading our article about how to find out what’s the perfect hair colour choice for you!

We hope you feel more confident in choosing the perfect hair colour for you after reading this article. Don’t be afraid to ask for help at the salon when booking an appointment!

Do you have any hair colour stories to share? Leave a comment below and let us know what else you’d love to learn about next.

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