The 3 Best Types of Artificial Nails & How to Maintain Them


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Artificial nails Hinckley - Nail Salon Hinckley - Acrylic Nails Gel Nails Manicures and Pedicures near me at LUXE Hair Beauty Bridal Salon

How do you choose the best artificial nails?

Nail care is important. You don’t want to have nail polish on for a week and then not go back for another one because your nail looks like it’s been neglected.

But, what are the best nail styles? And how do you maintain them? What type of nail should you get?

In this blog post, we will give you all the information that you need to know about nail care: from different types of artificial nails available at your local nail salon in Hinckley (like acrylic nails or false nails) to how to maintain them so they look beautiful and natural!

Acrylic nails are one of the most popular artificial nail types

Acrylics can look like real nails because they’re made to appear as if you just had a manicure done, but their strength is not affected by humidity or other environmental factors so it’s perfect for people who go swimming often!

However, acrylic nails can be difficult to remove without damaging them. That means that when removing an acrylic nail (or getting it removed) many times say goodbye to some of your natural nails underneath too.

Gel nails are also very common and they come in different colours once again giving you the capability of having a fresh new manicure every time you visit your favourite salon or nail bar.

What’s the difference between acrylic nails and gel nails?

Acrylic nails are fitted using a liquid monomer and powder polymer, which form a solid coating over the natural nail. Gel nails, designed to mimic a natural nail, are set using a UV light and require less upkeep and more shine.

How are acrylic nails applied?

Acrylic nails are made up of a mixture that is similar to glue and bonds to the natural nail. The acrylic will start hardening pretty quickly so has to be applied and shaped carefully.

How long does it take to get acrylic nails?

Full sets of acrylic nails can usually take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to apply, depending on the condition of your natural nails or old acrylics that need removing.

Can acrylic nails be dangerous?

You should steer clear of a budget nail salon that uses methyl methacrylate (MMA) because it can cause permanent damage to your nails as well as severe allergic reactions.

Despite being illegal in the United States, MMA (acrylic) is legal and widely available in the UK and is still used in some salons.

How can I get acrylic nails safely?

Acrylic nails are generally safe. When it comes to removing your acrylic nails you do need to be very careful and it is advisable to give your nails a break from acrylics every 3-6 months to let your natural nails rejuvenate, as acrylics will soften your nail plate. Acrylic nails typically last longer than gel nails.

The Pros and Cons of Acrylic Nails


  • Acrylics are more durable alternatives to gel and dip powder
  • You have a greater selection of nail colours than gels or powders
  • Best used if the ultra-long look is what you want
  • Acrylics can last from 6 – 8 weeks with a fill every couple of weeks or so


  • Requires a “nail fill” every few weeks to keep a flawless look. Fills stop water and other outside elements from damaging the artificial nails
  • Acrylic nails will take far longer to apply than gels or dip powder. Expect to spend up to two hours at our nail salon in Hinckley
  • Acrylics are more expensive than other artificial nails

What are gel nails?

Gel manicures have become increasingly popular in recent years. The gel is available in liquid form just like regular nail polish. It’s applied and then set with either UV or LED lights.

Gel nail polish is nail polish in liquid form that is applied to the nail and then cured. This nail polish typically comes out of a bottle and requires being brushed onto the nail and then cured to harden.

Gel nail polish is still relatively new and can be overwhelming to choose from, especially due to the confusion and misinformation about what gel nails are.

These had a tendency to chip, but not as fast as nail polish. Gel manicures are more durable than nail polishes and require less maintenance than regular nail polishes.

The Pros and Cons of Gel Nails


  • Can be fitted faster than acrylics
  • Gel nails do not smudge
  • Available in a wide range of colours and patterns


  • Gel nail polish is less durable than acrylics and will need to be replaced more often
  • Gel nails need to be dried with UV light or an LED light, but both emit UVA radiation, and sunscreen is recommended
  • Even with proper removal, gel nails may soften your nail beds

What are gel overlays?

Gel nail overlay uses a strengthening mixture that’s applied to the natural nail to make them stronger and appear longer. This new set of gel nails will last up to two weeks without chipping and also has more shine than an acrylic-based manicure or pedicure.

What is gel nail polish?

Gel nail polish is applied to the natural nails and then cured with UV light. Gel nail polish is typically longer lasting than other nail polish.

What is a gel manicure?

A gel manicure provides you with the strength and brilliance of real nails, lasting for up to three weeks. This is achieved by the first layer of the base coat, followed by your desired colour gel polish before being cured under a UV nail lamp.

What are dip powder nails?

Dip powder nails have been on the scene for a while but are more popular lately and can be used as either a full set or to add colour accents on other types of nail polish.

Dip powder nails, such as SlickPour nail powder, are long-lasting and do not require a UV light to harden.

One of the major benefits of dip powder nails is that they are more durable than gel nails and can last for up to one month.

Are powder dipped nails better than gel nails?

The biggest difference between gel and dip powder is longevity. Gel nail polish will usually last around two weeks, while dip powder manicures should last up to one month.

Are dip powder nails safe?

Because dip powder nails do not need to be cured under UV or LED lights, you won’t have to expose your skin to harmful UVA and UVB rays or nail polish fumes.

How much do SlickPour dip powder nails cost?

A dip powder manicure at our Hinckley nail salon will start at £25, rising with different colour variations.

Is dip powder bad for your nails?

Dip powder should not cause any long-term damage as long as you’re using a safe powder.

Watch out for nail salons using counterfeit products. Be sure to inspect the label and only give your business to reputable salons that use legitimate dip powders with safe chemicals.

Which is the best type of artificial nail?

Whether you choose to go for acrylic nails, SlickPour dip powder or gel depends entirely on the end result you’re looking for and your lifestyle.

If you’re happy to have your nails maintained regularly and you prefer a longer nail, acrylic nails could be perfect for you.

The main difference between dip powder and gel is the application process. UV lights are required for a light, smooth finish with gel polish whereas powders allow you to paint on different textures by dipping your finger in a liquid solution before brushing it onto the nail).

Acrylic Nails vs Gel Nails vs Dip Powder Nails

Acrylic nails are the most popular artificial nail and usually last 6-8 weeks. They do require fill-ins to maintain a flawless look, but they’re more durable than gel or dip powder nails.

Gel nails have to be set with UV lights which expose your skin to harmful UVA rays; while dip powder is longer-lasting than gel but not as durable as acrylics.

To find out what’s best for you, think about how much time you want to spend maintaining them and if you’re in Hinckley call LUXE Hair. Beauty. Bridal nail salon on 01455 610388 or book your nail appointment online.

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